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The Gordon Giltrap Project nbsp Vintage Giltrap

The second release in the series is 'Vintage Giltrap'

Here is the second volume of The Troubadour's Music, a publishing project which will eventually get into print all the compositions written by guitar legend Gordon Giltrap throughout his many years in the music industry. This second book features many of his fans' favourite works including Gordon's chart success piece Heartsong and his absolute classic with which most guitarists associate him with, the spectacular Lucifer's Cage.

Tracks in the book are:

The Ecchoing Green
Fast Approaching
Prelude To Pastoral
Roots Part 1
The Tyger
From The Four Winds
Lucifer's Cage
Prelude To Morbio Gorge
Melancholy Lullaby

To obtain a signed copy of Vintage Giltrap, which costs £14.99, please see my Purchasing instructions or contact me using the Contact page.

It is also available from Guitar CD's using the link below.
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updated: 8 years ago