New Lathkill Music Editions

Here are some new editions from Lathkill Music which may be of interest.

THE GOTHIC SUITE for guitar ensemble by Steve Marsh

Since arranging an ensemble version of the first movement Diabolo, taken from the solo guitar work The Gothic Suite, I've been asked many times if I was ever going to complete the rest of the suite for guitar orchestra. Early in 2009 I decided to get to work on it, and premiered the whole composition with a wonderful youth orchestra in a weekend guitar event in Wiltshire. Lots of fun and a brilliant concert item (well, I would say that, wouldn't I!).

Below is part of the review the piece received in Classical Guitar magazine in October:

Each movement is prefixed by a narrator's sentence describing the next room in the bowels of the castle, and the unseen beast stalking us.
Diabolo, the opening movement is all the more powerful on massed guitars, with the percussion mimicking footfalls and the sinister screaming of high notes over booming chords wonderfully powerful. Stacking up three parallel octaves of motif engenders the movement with an almost ghostly wailing - it's real edge-of-the-seat music.
Lair includes some vocalisation that adds still more to the atmosphere of the piece. Percussion effects and the same formless movement of the melody keep the listener on the edge of their seat. Quite how they will react to the two-beat blood-curdling scream I can only guess.
Demon Dance has some lovely and not too scary rhythms and many of the chords have open strings inside so that they're easy to finger and nicely pungent.
In the Round Tower of Echoes is a wonderful contrast, though the narrator has cautioned us that all is not going to be as calm as it first begins. The relaxed and measured pace becomes filled with more notes and a waltz form begins to materialise. The narrator warned of a trapdoor, and the scraping of the thumb along the bottom string can mean only one thing....
Diabolo - Final Confrontation concludes the work with aggressive writing and a suitably horrid ending.
Great stuff, and not as hard as it sounds - within the grasp of a Grade 6 player, though the varying time signatures will need a lot of rehearsal or a very competent conductor.
I hope whatever it was that made Steve Marsh unburden himself has been exorcised from his life and in the words of Nick Ross, of BBC's 'Crimewatch', "Don't Have Nightmares".
A fantastic suite...

THE SIMPSON'S THEME for four guitars by Danny Elfman
arranged by David Galvez

For all fans of the amazing 'Simpsons' TV series this is a must. A fabulous arrangement made originally for the Aranjuez Guitar Quartet to play in their concerts - at the time of writing, the quartet can be heard performing this piece in a live concert on You Tube; just type in a search for 'The Simpsons Theme   Aranjuez Quartet' and it should get you there. This version is an updated arrangement featuring many special effects.

Lots of fun and a brilliant encore item.

TWELVE SCOTTISH AIRS arranged for solo guitar by Antonio de Innocentis

I have a particular fondness for Celtic music and when Antonio de Innocentis sent me his CD 'Return to Glenmore' to ask if I would be interested in publishing some of the tracks from it, I jumped at the chance. These are some of the most beautiful and imaginative melodies from Scotland and Innocentis has done a remarkable job in arranging them for solo guitar.

The standard of difficulty ranges between the Intermediate player through to the more advanced one.

SONATA MESTIZAJES for solo guitar by Edmundo Vasquez

A three-movement, virtuosic concert work inspired by various musical forms cultivated in the 19th century and at the start of the 20th century. The Sonata is due to receive its premiere in Paris by the dedicatee Roberto Aussel, who is also to record the work.

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