Solo guitar
Moderate difficulty

A suite consisting of five movements, Gothic Suite is an impressionistic composition based upon an entirely imaginary tale inspired by the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. The suite doesn't necessarily progress as a chronological journey; it is more a set of scenes. Each of the five movements is preceded by a short paragraph which 'sets the mood'. In performance these can be read aloud by the player (or other narrator) before each section. The ending is inconclusive - does the hero survive? It is up to the audience's imagination.

Individual movements are titled: Diabolo; Lair; Daemon Dance; In the Round Tower of Echoes; Diabolo - Final Confrontation.

This piece was written for a Halloween concert I gave in Cambridge, England in 1998 and has proved extremely popular with audiences whenever it has been performed. An 'electronically orchestrated' version of this piece, extensively enlarged with an extra sixth movement has been released on the CD 'The Gothic Suite and Other Works' (see Recordings).

The first movement, Diabolo, has also been published separately as a guitar quartet and was first performed in 1998 at the Cambridge Music Weekend where over 40 guitarists took part in the performance! This quartet arrangement was featured in the music supplement in the magazine Guitar Teacher.

Diabolo has also been arranged for orchestra and wind band and was given its' first orchestral performance in Derby, England in December 1999 by the Derbyshire Youth Orchestra conducted by Michael Coe.

".....a substantial and musically challenging work..... I highly recommend this well written work to students and teachers alike" Classical Guitar Magazine

".....a substantial and inventive work, yet one that is so well crafted that it remains accessible to anyone of about Grade 5 standard." Guitar Teacher.

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