CALLANISH by Steve Marsh

Guitar solo

This major work, composed in 1998, was written at the request of one of my former students, Gary Spolding and is dedicated to him.

It has four movements, lasts around ten minutes and was inspired by the standing stones on the Isle of Lewis.
Situated off the west coast of Scotland, the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, is the home of the stone circle known as Calanais. This is made up of thirteen tall, slender stones with another stone in the middle of the circle (the tallest of them all at over fifteen feet in height). Inside the circle are the remains of a round cairn of a Neolithic type. In the same area are three other stone circles.

The four movements are named after each of these circles: Calanais; Cnoc Ceann aGharaigh; Cnoc Filibhir Bheag and Ceann Hulavig.

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