THE DAY MR MURRAY FELL OFF THE TRAPEZE (and other delights) by Steve Marsh

Guitar solos
Moderate - moderately difficult

The opening piece, The Day Mr. Murray Fell Off the Trapeze is a light-hearted composition centred around a certain Mr. Murray (a fictional character) performing a high-wire act with disastrous results!

Violetta, one of the other five 'delights', was written originally for solo harp as a Christmas gift for my friend Lesley Alexander. It was inspired by the donkey in Paul Galicos story The Small Miracle and as I thought it would work well on guitar, I included it in this collection.

The next piece, Linacre Woods, is a very beautiful area near to where I live, and was written as almost an afterthought as a short piece to 'fill out' the collection; in reality this is a work which has always gone down really well in concerts and probably accounts for the sales figures of this album!

I wanted to write a series of variations on a chord sequence which I had developed; that is more or less how the next piece came to be written. It has the inspiring title of Study in C.

Nocturne, is a very early piece of mine which took its' time to find itself in print. Attending my first Julian Bream concert was the inspiration behind this work.

The final piece, Unpluggged, was inspired by Eric Clapton's Unplugged CD which I played for weeks on end when it first came out.

Unplugged and Linacre Woods are featured in the Music Samples section

"Such light-hearted pieces can fail, for various reasons, but this one works really well (Mr. Murray...) ..... There are five other pieces in this book, aimed at the intermediate player, all of which show Steve Marsh to be a careful, thoughtful composer ..... good writing from a guitarist who is well aware of the technical problems." - Classical Guitar Magazine

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